A modder has added offline co-op to the PC version of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Last week Capcom mistakenly advertised that the game’s PC version featured offline co-op, and was forced to offer refunds when this was not actually the case.

According to Capcom, co-op play was removed from the PC version of the game to ensure a stable user experience across a variety of different PC settings and devices.

Now, modder FluffyQuack aka Sectus has released Fluffy Manager 5000, a mod manager and trainer for the game that allows two players to play locally – just like they can in the console versions of the game.

There are still a couple of restrictions: both players must use gamepads, and co-op isn't yet available in the game’s Raid mode, although a fix for the latter is being worked on.

Those interested can download the mod here.