Crowdfunded RPG Pillars of Eternity isn't out yet, but already developer Obsidian Entertainment is talking franchise status.

Speaking with Polygon, Obsidian boss Feargus Urquhart said a sequel is likely.

Eternity 2, that’s the next thing. Probably at the end of this month, Josh [Sawyer] and Adam [Brennecke], the key guys on the team are all going to sit down,” he said.

“They’ve already come up with a list of what they want to do, kind of new game systems and that kind of stuff. We’re going to try and get going on that as soon as we can.”

“We’ve already started working on artwork,” he added

“So we’ve already kind of figured out where we want to go in the world and the artists are doing some tests.”

The rest of the team at Obsidian is busy polishing Pillars of Eternity for its release late next month, which will be followed by some expansions “because we said we would as a part of the Kickstarter.”

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