The second half of adventure game Broken Age is on track to launch early next year, Double Fine says.

The episode is currently nearing Alpha with only the finale to be included. Some voice work and animation for the game’s Beta stage is already underway.

“Playtimes of just Act 2 have ranged from 8-12 hours, the puzzles seem to be providing a good level of challenge, nothing is really standing out as needing to be heavily re-worked, and most importantly people are laughing a lot and seem really pleased with where the story goes. YAY!” wrote Double Fine producer Greg Rice on the game’s official forums.

"The goal now is to get all the finale work done so we can hit Alpha on all of Act 2 by the end of the year.

"The game is looking really good and the team is working super fast, but we just gotta give the game the time it needs to really deliver on everything we're hoping it will be," he added.

Broken Age is widely cited as the game that started the Kickstarter games boom back in 2012.

It was originally expected to launch in October 2012, but was delayed until September 2013, before Double Fine founder Tim Schafer split it into two acts. He finished writing the game’s second half in October.

"Where Act 1's story really delivers is the ending, which will leave players eager for the conclusion," we wrote in our January review of Act 1.