Tactical RPG Blackguards 2 is coming to PC and Mac on January 20, Daedalic Entertainment has announced.

According to the Daedalic, Blackguards 2 will feature more challenging and detailed strategic RPG battles than its predecessor.

“During the development of Blackguards 2, one major influence of our team was the feedback of gamers and press to the first Blackguards game,” the developer said.

“We listened to them and added new features, unique enemies and enhanced and improved gameplay.

“In Blackguards 2, battles will be even more epic, and their handling has been significantly tweaked to make them more comprehensible, but also more challenging.”

Blackguards 2 promises epic battles, has a release date

Gameplanet’s Toby Hills was impressed by the first Blackguards game, singling out its “extremely well-developed core combat system” for praise in his February review.

Blackguards 2 will be available for US$30 on Steam, GOG, and other major online stores.