First Telltale Game of Thrones screenshots leaked - report

Eight screenshots rumoured to be of Telltale's upcoming Game of Thrones adventure game have surfaced online, but the developer has not corroborated their legitimacy.

The images, published by the Twitter account @lifelower, depict several well known Game of Thrones characters as they appear in the HBO series, including Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, and Margaery Tyrell.

Last week, Telltale detailed its Game of Thrones adventure game.

According to Telltale, the events in the game series begin towards the end of Season Three of the TV show, and end right before the beginning of Season Five. You will visit familiar locations such as King's Landing and The Wall, as well as unfamiliar locations such as Ironrath, the home of House Forrester.

From Telltale’s blog:

House Forrester is a noble house from the Wolfswood in the north of Westeros. Bannermen to House Glover, they have always offered unswerving loyalty to the ruling great house of the North – the Starks. The Forresters are seated at Ironrath, an imposing stronghold surrounded by towering ironwood trees. Built over fifteen hundred years ago by Cedric Forrester and his triplet sons, Ironrath is a testament to the strength and endurance of Ironwood. The Forrester house words are 'Iron from Ice', which echoes their belief that - like the ironwood itself - the adverse conditions and unforgiving landscape of the North only makes them stronger.

Ironrath sits on the edge of the largest ironwood forest in Westeros, which has proven to be a strategic advantage for the House. The trees are a valuable commodity; many of the best weapons, ships, and defensive structures include the use of ironwood. House Forrester controls the majority of the ironwood forests in the Wolfswood, much to the chagrin of their bitter rivals, House Whitehill.

Although the Forresters have not appeared in HBO's TV show, they are canon to the world created by George R. R. Martin, having appeared in the book 'A Dance with Dragons'.

The first episode of Game of Thrones is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC, Mac, and iOS soon, with additional platforms to be announced.