Ubisoft has unveiled Battles of Kyrat, Far Cry 4’s PvP mode the company says shows the world in a completely different way.

Battles of Kyrat is a re-telling of a long-past war that the Golden Path rebellion fought against the Rakshasa, Pagan Min’s elite guard.

The Rakshasa are mythical warriors of Kyrat with strong ties to their natural surroundings. They only use traditional weapons – specifically the bow – but are capable of crafting multiple alterations to their weapons, and can call upon animals to help defend and attack.

Far Cry 4's asymmetric PvP mode unveiled
Far Cry 4's asymmetric PvP mode unveiled
Far Cry 4's asymmetric PvP mode unveiled

Meanwhile, the Golden Path are all about guns, vehicles, and tech-enhanced capabilities. They have access to a variety of weapon types including assault rifles, shotguns, and multiple explosives, and can also access bell towers, allowing them to spot hidden enemies from far away.

The PvP mode is 5v5 with round-based matches wherein each team has a turn playing each faction. There will be 10 maps at launch, and according to Ubisoft matches last an average of 20 minutes.

There are three game types in Battles of Kyrat:

Outpost: the Golden Path works to establish an outpost in the region while the Rakshasa has to get rid of them and secure the outpost for Pagan Min.

Propaganda: the Golden Path has to destroy three Pagan Min installations while the Rakshasa protects them.

Demon Mask: both sides have to find the mask and return it to their home base.

Far Cry 4 will be available November 18 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.