The contents of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's first DLC pack have been outlined by publisher Warner Bros.

Lord of the Hunt, which is due later this year, will see the player tame and ride two new beasts while seeking out mounted warchiefs.

The new beasts are both variations on those existing in the game: a wretched graug is a graug that spits poison, and there’s a stealthier caragor called a caragath. The player will also be able to summon hordes of ghuls (zombies) to do his or her bidding.

A representative from developer Monolith told Kotaku that the beastmaster warchiefs come with specialised showdown missions, and they must be knocked off their steeds in order to be vanquished.

On top of that, any ranked nemesis will be able to mount steeds, and the DLC will also feature a handful of epic runes, along with extra missions with Torvin the dwarf hunter.

Lord of the Hunt will cost US$10, or it can be acquired as part of the game's season pass, which costs US$25.