A Telltale adventure game based on Game of Thrones is still slated to premiere in 2014.

The Game of Thrones adventure game was announced at the Spike VGX Awards late last year. Very little has been heard about the game ever since, leaving fans to wonder if it had slipped.

However, Telltale's PR representative, Laura Perusco, has confirmed that the game will come out before January.

The Game of Thrones adventure games will be based on the Game of Thrones television series, itself based on George R.R. Martin's fantasy novels.

Telltale co-founder Dan Connors said at the game's announcement, “Since the very beginning, Telltale’s goal has been to work alongside the most talented and respected forces in entertainment, bringing their worlds to the interactive space as no other game studio can.

“Working with HBO to develop a new game series based on Game of Thrones is a natural fit for our studio. This partnership will create an experience that will captivate the huge, global Game of Thrones audience. It will put them in control of the epic stories of warfare, intrigue, violence and revenge that we know and love.”

The games were teased as “a brand new chapter” in the saga of Westeros, and Telltale Connors said his studio would focus on the characters who had the most at stake.

Gameplay will be similar to that in other Telltale titles such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, but will also feature large battles, Connors added.