A relative newcomer to the eSports scene is throwing a large-scale viewing party for the League of Legends Season 4 Grand Finals despite running the event at a loss.

Aspect of Gaming’s Auckland event is taking place on October 19 at the SkyCity Convention Centre in Auckland, and includes a 1v1 tournament, a LoL lore quiz, themed drinks, cosplay and artwork competitions, and more.

There will also be an event in Wellington.

In Auckland, the finals themselves will be projected onto a 20 foot screen in 1080p.

Aspect of Gaming lead organiser Theo Martin said the group stands to lose a minimum of NZ$1000 hosting the event, but the goal is to get larger groups of people together for viewing parties.

Smaller viewing parties are common, and Aspect of Gaming (APoG) saw an opportunity to get all these people together, said Martin.

“One [plan] was not do it at all, and the other was incur a massive cost,” he said.

“We went with the second one because we have a little bit of money to burn, and we still want to try and make these big things happen.

“Nobody else seems to be in a situation where they are passionate enough or financially viable enough to go big or go home,” he added.

“We are, so that’s why we’re spending a thousand dollars to make this all happen.”

APoG rose from the ashes of BarCraft and Company of Gamers, and its members have four years’ experience putting on viewings.

Oceanic Gaming and LeagueBootcamp are also helping stage the event.

“The whole purpose of it is to get gamers out of their homes and watching things as a crowd enjoying it together,” said Martin.

The event is sponsored by Big Pipe Internet, Red Bull, and Playtech, with prizes from Riot Games.

Tickets are $20 for standard entry or $40 for a VIP pass, and the event is open to all ages.

There is more information available on the APoG website.