Critically-acclaimed action-RPG Path of Exile’s second expansion and Taiwan release have pushed its registered players total to well over seven million, developer Grinding Gear Games has announced.

One million of those players are in Taiwan, and registered within a month of the game’s launch there, far exceeding the expectations of Asian publisher Garena Online.

"Prior to launching Path of Exile, we had no idea that Taiwan was such a large gaming market," said Grinding Gear Games managing director Chris Wilson.

"Once our open beta launched in 2013, we were surprised to see that Taiwan was represented with a higher per-capita number of players than most countries. We formed a partnership with Garena Online (a leading publisher in Taiwan) and launched there in August 2014.

"Path of Exile is incredibly popular in Taiwan, surpassing our expectations. The Taiwanese community really appreciate the being able to play in Traditional Chinese on local servers," he added.

"Seven million registrations is a big milestone for us! I still vividly remember us reaching our first ten thousand users, so it's scary to see the millions fly by. We're expanding to many more countries in the future, so we expect our userbase to continue to grow aggressively."

In the past month, Path of Exile broke its own record for most players online simultaneously, reaching a peak of 154,000.

The game’s second expansion, Forsaken Masters, released last month and has been "extremely well-received" according to Grinding Gear.

Path of Exile is free-to-play and available via Steam or by registering on the official website.

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