Two new companions have been added to Larian Studios’ CRPG Divinity: Original Sin thanks to a free update.

The Bear and the Burglar DLC pack is available for free via Steam or simply by updating the game on GOG, and places two new companions – a ranger and a rogue – in Cyseal, ready to join your party.

Both have unique story arcs, but must be convinced that spending time with you is a good idea.

Larian describes each companion thus:

"Armed with her bow on her back and her claws at the ready, Bairdotr refuses to fail: She must navigate your world – a world of wonder and mysteries both fantastic and terrible – if she's to save Homeforest. The druid of the forest has been kidnapped, and Bairdotr must follow a scant trail of clues if she's to bring him back – clues that take her to the very heart of Rivellon's Source conspiracy.

"Dark Sourcery deprived Wolgraff of his voice when he was but a kid, and with it his dream of becoming a Source Hunter. Refused by the Order, he grew up to become a rogue, stealing from the rich and giving to... just himself actually. His is a world of silence, but if need be he lets his dagger do the talking for him."

The update also includes a number of fixes.