A new expansion is coming to Path of Exile, Grind Gear Games announced today.

Forsaken Masters will arrive August 20 as a free update, and introduces new content based on the plight of the Forsaken Masters of Wraeclast.

The Forsaken are seven men and women, masters of their trade, who were exiled by Dominus, a powerful entity of corruption and tyranny. Each will offer players unique quests, training, mission variations, item crafting and modification options, secret and customisable towns known as Hideouts, Hideout decorations, and more.

For example, Haku asks players to cleanse an ancestral area and recover a lost Karui spirit, and Vorici provides training in the art of assassination. As players progress through the eight levels of reputation with each Master, more of what these Masters can offer will be unlocked.

The expansion also features Rampage and Beyond Challenge Leagues, revamped boss fights, new lore, new Unique items, new support and skill gems, a PvP Spectator Mode, and dozens of other additions.

There is a detailed rundown of Forsaken Masters on the game’s official site.