Ubisoft is looking to improve on Far Cry 3’s oft-criticised script, says one of its writers.

Writer C.J. Kershner told Polygon, "We were aware of the discussions happening about Far Cry 3. People identified some problems.

"Our protagonist is not the white saviour, not the dudebro," added Kershner, who previously worked on the script for Homefront.

"He's not coming back to his hometown to help.”

Kershner also recognised that the writing in a sandbox-style game often takes a back seat to emergent gameplay.

"It's all about the player's story," he said.

"We call it the anecdote factory.

"Does it bum me out that the player's story might outweight the character's? No.

"There's so much life and texture and color and richness in the open world that regardless of which of the two journeys you want to focus on, the character's or your own, you're going to enjoy the experience."

Last month Ubisoft addressed claims that the game's cover art is racist.

Far Cry 4 is slated for a November 21 release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.