Bethesda Softworks marketing boss Pete Hines has hinted that the public probably won’t lay eyes on Bethesda’s new Doom title until next year.

Speaking with PC Gamer, Hines said that QuakeCon attendees only saw footage of the in-development FPS because he wanted to quash doubts about the state of the game. However, it isn’t ready to be inspected by the Internet at large.

"I really wanted to put something out there that in a strong way said, ‘Id is working on something that we think is really cool,’" said Hines.

"And we wanted to show something to [fans] that gives them the confidence that [Id] is still a viable studio that’s doing really cool stuff, that is making a game you want to play, and is treating Doom with the care and respect that you want.

"Now we’re going to go away and go back to making the game. But to be able to counter other people talking about us, we’re sort of just sitting here staying silent, or operating from this negative space of like, ‘Oh, it got rebooted, oh it’s in trouble.’ All of that stuff just bothered the hell out of me."

The decision to keep footage away from the public was made after consultation with the game’s developers, who didn't want it getting picked apart and "nitpicked to death", added Hines.

“Next year is normally when I think we would’ve started,” he said.

So could the footage find its way onto the Net anytime soon?

“I don’t think there’s any way that happens,” said Hines.

We know this is upsetting, so here's 15 minutes of Brutal Doom footage, showcasing the features in the mod's latest patch: