Dragon Age: Inquisition mage Dorian will be the first "fully gay" male party member in a BioWare game, says lead writer David Gaider.

“Dorian is gay – he is, in fact, the first fully gay character I've had the opportunity to write,” said Gaider.

“It added an interesting dimension to his back story, considering he comes from a place where ‘perfection’ is the face that every mage puts on and anything that smacks of deviancy is shameful and meant to be hidden.

“Dorian's refusal to play along with that façade is seen as stubborn and pointless by his family, which has contributed to his status as a pariah,” he added.

"I suppose this aspect of Dorian will make him controversial in some corners, but I was glad to include it.”

When criticised on Twitter for saying "fully gay", Gaider clarified: "I meant 'legitimately', sorry. I was trying to be clear – many people consider the bi characters we've done to be 'gay'."

Writing Dorian was a very personal experience for Gaider, who is gay himself.

“I'm hopeful that will make him seem like a fully realised character to fans in the end,” he said.

According to Gaider, Dorian comes from a wealthy and influential family, but rejects that life after bearing witness to corruption within the mage’s order.

The only other “fully gay” characters in BioWare’s games are Juhani in Knights of the Old Republic and Samantha Traynor and Steve Cortez in Mass Effect 3.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due out on October 7 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.