A sequel to strategy-RPG Blackguards is in development and expected to release early next year, Daedalic Entertainment has announced.

Blackguards 2 will retain its predecessor’s turn-based battle mechanics, cast of anti-heroes, and Dark Eye systems, but it will feature some revisions, optimisations, and simplifications, said the company.

Furthermore, it will contain new weapons, armour, and enemies, and use stamina as additional battle resource. According to Daedalic, improvements have also been made to the first game’s line of sight, cover, and formation mechanics.

It is set a few years after the first game, and the lives of the main characters have changed significantly – and not for the better.

The main protagonist of Blackguards 2 is Cassia, whose only goal is to rule from the Shark Throne at all costs, even if it’s only for one day. In the Blackguards she sees the fighters and the power she needs for her plans, even if they are a shadow of their former glory.

In many quests the group will travel through South Aventuria to fulfil Cassia’s dream.

"There may not be an overworld, and the friendly towns found in most RPGs are absent, but Blackguards does possess an extremely well-developed core combat system, and for that it deserves to be commended," wrote
Gameplanet's Toby Hills in his review of the first game.