The latest patch for The Elder Scrolls Online fixes a number of the game’s buggy quest events, while an upcoming one will distribute loot found in chests more evenly, says Zenimax.

Many playing the game have discovered that some quest givers simply stop responding to the player at certain points, preventing them from completing tasks and reaping the subsequent rewards.

According to Zenimax, this bug has now been squashed in 30 quests across 15 of the game’s zones.

The developer is also keen to address other player complaints, such as the way only one player can access a chest before it vanishes.

"We are changing treasure chests in instanced dungeons so that everyone gets a piece of loot regardless of who opens the chest," wrote ESO community manager Jessica Folsom.

"This change is currently being implemented and tested internally and will be released in a future patch as soon as it’s ready."

A loot timer is also in the works for bosses in public dungeons in order to prevent players farming the respawn area for each.

Full notes for the new 35MB patch are available for your perusal on the game’s official forum.