A new Civilization game that will serve as a spiritual successor to 1999 4X classic Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri is on the way from Firaxis.

Civilization: Beyond Earth was unveiled at PAX East over the weekend, and it takes the classic turn-based strategy series into space for the first time since the aforementioned title.

In Beyond Earth, the player must guide the expansion of a human colony that has landed on a planet occupied by a number of alien species. Diplomatic and technological choices will influence the evolution of the colony.

A Harmony player will look to adapt to the new environment and see humans crossed with other species that changes their looks, the structures they can build, and more. By contrast, a Supremacy player will rely on technology like robotics to be the salvation of mankind, while a Purity player will attempt to keep the human genome “pure” by force.

Planets will be procedurally generated, and range from arid to aquatic.

Civ is about the history of mankind, it travels ground that everybody knows already,” lead designer David McDonough told PC Gamer.

“This game is about the future, which nobody knows, so we get to make it up.”

“The influence of Alpha Centauri will be apparent, but it's in winks and nods – it's an homage to that game,” said the game’s other lead designer Will Miller.

“This game really is meant to be our version of the place that game sat when it came out.

“We're building on the Civ V technology, so we took a lot of influences from that as well. If you're a Civ V player, you'll feel right at home.”

Check out the full interview for details on the game’s orbital layer, play styles, victory conditions, and more.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is expected to drop for PC, Mac, and Linux in the third quarter of this year.