Zenimax Online will make changes to the new player experience based on feedback gathered over the recent The Elder Scrolls Online beta weekends.

In a blog entry on the game's official website, game director Matt Firor said many players felt "too constrained" by the tightly controlled experience between levels one and 10.

"Because ESO is about choice, we made adjustments to those opening hours of the game in response to the beta feedback. After exiting the modified, more streamlined tutorial in Coldharbour, new characters now wake up in the first major city of their respective Alliance as opposed to being forced to go through the starter islands."

"If you want to go back and experience these islands, which have been re-leveled to provide a regular content experience, the option is there, but players who prefer can just start exploring the rest of Tamriel," said Firor.

Zenimax Online has adjusted the level curve around major cities to accommodate lower level characters.

"Another piece of your feedback we’ve implemented addresses our combat system," added Firor. "We continue to identify ways to make melee combat feel even more substantial. In addition to many tweaks and changes to animations and audio, we’ve added player collision with NPCs, which means your character will no longer be able to run through NPC enemies. This is a frequently requested feature that we think succeeds in making melee combat more visceral and exciting."

Firor said that the "lag" experienced by players in the Cyrodil PvP zone was in fact a bug.

"Regardless of a player’s location or the datacenter being used, the confirmed efficiency of our platform architecture will prevent anyone from enjoying a gameplay advantage. As both datacenters [in North America and Europe] become fully operational, we will continue to add capacity to meet the demands of gamers worldwide. And just to be fully prepared, we are adding overflow servers in the event we get even more players on day one than we are now forecasting."

The Elder Scrolls Online for PC is scheduled for release on April 4. The game will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June.