Electronic Arts will learn from Battlefield 4′s bug-ridden launch, says EA Games boss Patrick Söderlund.

The popular shooter launched with a raft of issues that saw developer DICE halt work on its expansions in order to focus on fixes.

When asked in a call to investors whether similar issues could affect the performance of Titanfall, Söderlund said that the problems faced by Battlefield 4 were unique to that game.

“We were pushing innovation heavily and delivering 60fps gameplay for 64 players plus the ability to connect via mobile tablet as a commander into the product, coupled with some very innovative features in the gameplay side,” he said (transcribed by Seeking Alpha).

“How are we learning from this? The challenges that we’ve faced with Battlefield 4 were different from anything that we’ve seen before with other games. There were different issues that only manifest [their] scale in the post-launch live environment.

“We’re taking multiple steps to evaluate what occurred and incorporate those learnings into our development process for future products, so we don’t experience the same problems again,” he added.

“I would close on the fact that Battlefield 4 remains an amazing game with massive innovation, and we’re confident that gamers will be logging-on to play for a long time to come.”

Titanfall launches for Windows PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on March 13.