Multiple professional Australian League of Legends players have temporarily banned from the game in a new round of disciplinary action by Riot Games.

Among those banned were three members of team Little Wraith and a former member of team Nv, reports onGamers.

Speaking with onGamers, Riot’s Mirko Gozzo said the suspensions had been handed down for poor behaviour on the Oceanic server.

“I can not go into much detail due to privacy reasons, but basically we regularly perform checks on our player behaviour and on this last check, a number of players - not only pro players - were found acting against our Summoner’s Code, and therefore were temporarily banned.”

One former member of team Nv has received the most severe sentence, reports onGamers: a six month suspension, including offline competitive play. Team Nv management said this external action by Riot was on top of an internal disciplinary suspension for poor behaviour, handed down in early December.

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