Titanfall’s maximum player count is 12 due to the intensity of matches rather than any technological constraints, says developer Respawn.

Speaking with Polygon, Respawn lead designer Justin Hendry said that his studio experimented with player counts as high as 24, but anything above 12 simply made the game “uncomfortable”.

"We are pretty avid players in the studio,” said Hendry.

“People speak their minds and we listen and make changes. This is the number that felt best.

"The game is essentially built to be six on six," he added.

“Essentially there are five directions you can get killed from and the higher that player count, the more likely you are to get killed from behind and the more difficult it is to kind of manage your surroundings.

"I think the only thing that the player count does is really affect the overall chaotic level of the game."

More than 12 in Titanfall make it too chaotic – Respawn
More than 12 in Titanfall make it too chaotic – Respawn

The speed of pilots – which increases the more they wall-run – meant action was never far away, said Hendry.

In addition, each map supports up to 12 AI-controlled characters per side, and each player is able to have an AI-controlled Titan following them around, so up to 48 characters can be in-game at one time.

The AI characters are there as targets for those who struggle to kill other players, provide an easier way to gain the experience needed to call in a Titan, and provide a backstory and narrative of sorts, said Hendry.

"When people start playing Titanfall like Titanfall, the player count becomes a non-issue," he said.

Hendry also pointed to Gears of War and Left 4 Dead as examples of games with relatively low player counts that were successful anyway.

"If you're making a game and you're making decisions that's not based on fun because you're trying to please someone or trying to match numbers, you're not doing the right thing,” he said.

"I can see why it's hard for people, why it's hard for it to make sense. But it's up to the developer to make the best choices and create the best experiences."

Titanfall is due out on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows PC on March 14.