The first expansion to Diablo III, called Reaper of Souls, will be released on March 25 for PC and Mac.

Reaper of Souls will cost NZ$59.95 for the physical standard edition or AU$44.95 for the digital standard edition, and NZ$109.95 for the collector's edition. The digital deluxe edition will cost AU$64.95. Both are available for pre-purchasing now. We're confirming New Zealand pricing.

Reaper of Souls has Diablo imprisoned in the Black Soulstone, but Malthael – the fallen Archangel of Wisdom and now Angel of Death – has seized it.

It is up to players to track down Malthael and prevent him from unleashing its terrible power on the world.

The expansion introduces a new campaign act that will see players track and battle the Angel of Death in the new setting of Westmarch.

It also adds a new melee-focussed Crusader class as well as Loot Run and Nephalem Trials modes, raises the level cap to 70, and extensively rebalances loot drops.