Hand of Fate is a mash-up of the collectible card game, action-RPG, and roguelike genres whose Kickstarter campaign is coming down to the wire.

It hails from Defiant Development in Brisbane, Australia, whose designers have previously worked at studios like Pandemic, THQ, Sega, and Krome.

In Hand of Fate, the player builds a deck of items, while the dealer builds a deck of monsters, equipment and other encounters which are all dealt out as a dungeon floor.

Combat encounters take place in an action-RPG style, and each deck can be customised so the game’s difficulty is completely up to the player.

Guests wrangled by Defiant to design cards include fantasy legend Ian Livingstone, Homeworld creator Rob Cunningham, and Payday 2 director David Goldfarb.

Should its Kickstarter be successful, Hand of Fate is expected to release next April DRM-free for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

A pledge of AU$15 (NZ$16.50) gets backers a copy, and the game can also be voted for on Steam Greenlight.

At the time of writing, Hand of Fate had amassed AU$43,818 of its AU$50,000 goal, with just 59 hours of crowdfunding remaining.

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