The immensely popular Kiwi-made action-RPG Path of Exile is now fully available to play for free.

The upgrade to version 1.0.0 introduces the endgame boss fight, a new character class, six new world areas, eight new endgame maps, player guilds, 11 new unique items, and much more. The full patch notes can be found on Path of Exile’s official website.

The new class is called the Scion. She is a nobleman’s daughter who has been exiled to Wraeclast for killing her husband, and she can only be unlocked after a full playthrough of the game.

"She's actually more complicated to play than a normal character, so we don't want beginner players to immediately choose her," Wilson told ShackNews.

Path of Exile is one of the most successful videogames ever developed in New Zealand. More than 3 million gamers worldwide have played the PC-exclusive game.