Dark Souls II is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 14, From Software has confirmed.

However, the PC version has been delayed and does not yet have a release date.

Game director Yui Tanimura told Eurogamer that the developer is aiming for “the same window”.

"For the PC version we're simply saying March – we're trying our best for PC and console,” said Tanimura.

“The reason we can't announce the specific date is we're working on more options on how to make the PC version optimal."

Tanimura believes the problems that plagued the PC port of Dark Souls won't recur with Dark Souls II.

"With the first Dark Souls, the development team started work on the console version before the PC version, and because of that there were less options for the development team to make the PC version more optimal in terms of resolution and so on," he said.

"With Dark Souls II, the team's working on console and PC at the same time, so there shouldn't be an issue with how optimal it will be on day one."

From Software previously announced that the game’s lead platform was PC, on which it would run at 60 frames per second.

Tanimura said the game may also come to next-gen consoles later on.

"It has to be decided for next generation consoles like Xbox One and PS4,” he said.

“My personal opinion as creator is that I'm really interested in next generation and I'm willing to make games for PS4 and Xbox One."

Another possibility is for a third Dark Souls game to grace those systems, and Tanimura told Joystiq that if that occurred, his focus wouldn’t be on graphical improvements.

"In terms of graphics, all the consoles have already reached the maximum level,” he said.

“From [my] point of view, there's not that [much] difference among the consoles when it comes to graphics."

Instead, the game's physics systems would get a lot of attention, said Tanimura.

"In order to implement a physics engine, we'd need more machine power and more CPU power," he said.

“That can only become possible if we were to create a game for the, for example, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

“So that's something [I'd] personally be paying attention to if [I was] to create another title for the PS4 or Xbox One."