The tactical view from Dragon Age: Origins will return in Dragon Age: Inquisition, says BioWare.

The view allows players to pause combat and zoom out to a top-down perspective in order to issue commands and micro-manage characters during battle.

It wasn’t available in Dragon Age II.

BioWare has also confirmed the game’s fourth playable race, the Qunari, but remained tight-lipped on whether further playable races were in the works.

"The Qunari are obviously very different from humans in terms of religion and belief systems, as are elves, when you think about the persecution of the elves in the Dragon Age universe," said Inquisition producer Cameron Lee.

"Dwarfs are the same. So when you put a Qunari in charge of the Inquisition, which stands alone as a force that can actually have an impact and tip the scales, that's a really interesting scenario.

“The writers are really busy right now putting that in place, so when you play as a Qunari or as an elf, it is a different experience and there are different elements to the story that take shape based on these fundamental decisions you make about what race you want to be," he added.

"It's not just a flavour. It's how people react to you. It's what opportunities you have in some discussions that take place that occur only because you're an elf or a Qunari. It's really interesting and complex about how it all fits together.

"But I will say for anyone who's worried, there is a rationale and good reason why a Qunari could be an Inquisitor. The writers have got a handle on it!"

Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected in spring 2014 for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.