A League of Legends tournament organiser in Iran is contesting a government ruling that forbids the use of many of the game’s female characters.

Iran’s strict indecency laws have thus far outlawed the use of all but 13 of League of Legends’ 49 female characters in an upcoming competition, with the 13 not yet banned still merely under consideration.

In a post on its Facebook page, tournament organiser WCG Iran said it is negotiating with the government, and that non-compliance would probably see the tournament closed.

According to WCG Iran’s Reza Babaei, the game is technically banned in Iran, but his tournament would be permitted under certain conditions.

“Dear foreigner friends, I see lots of you are complaining about the situation that we have with LoL and its really appreciated to the gaming community that you all care,” wrote Babaei.

“As you know in every country you have to obey the laws and if we want to have LoL in our event we have to obey the Iranian minister of culture laws.

“We need all Iranian gamers and also our international e-sports fans to support us on this mission: to remove the restrictions that made by the government to this game and also many more titles."

The tournament is due to take place in September 12-16.