The game formerly known as Dirty Bomb will be operated by free-to-play specialist Nexon, Splash Damage has announced.

Now called Extraction, the free-to-play PC-only multiplayer FPS will be operated by Nexon (MapleStory, Combat Arms) in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Nexon has “a staggering amount of experience designing, developing, running, and supporting free-to-pay games, and they possess the vast infrastructure required for an undertaking of Extraction’s scope,” said Splash Damage.

“Best of all, they're massively excited about Extraction and want to do whatever they can to help make the game a success.”

The Brink studio was quick to note that the partnership would not change its vision for the game.

Extraction will not be pay-to-win and Splash Damage will retain complete creative control,” it said.

“We’ve always believed that multiplayer battles should be won through superior skill, and not the amount of money spent.

“You need to always be able to understand why you won or lost, with a welcoming community helping you improve your game and become a better player. That’s what Extraction is for us, and Nexon is backing this vision all the way.”

The game will be showcased at PAX later this month.