Players will be able to choose their character’s race in Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare has announced.

Race selection was possible in Dragon Age: Origins, but dropped for its sequel, Dragon Age 2.

As in Origins, the choices available in Inquisition will be elf, dwarf, or human.

Mounts are also being added to the game, however it will not be a fully open world title, BioWare told Game Informer.

“I’ve been trying to drive exploration, something we used to have more of in our games,” said executive producer Mark Darrah.

“It’s something that, frankly, BioWare hasn’t done in a while.

“In a lot of ways, I’d say we’re a lot like what you saw in the Baldur’s Gate series, with areas that existed in part just to be spaces that you went to, but they had a story of their own.”

Dragon Age: Inquisition sees the player cast as the head of the titular Inquisition, an organisation charged with rooting out corruption and evil in the land of Thedas.

Amid infighting between the world’s various power groups, a portal opens in the sky and a demon invasion begins.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.