The owner of the "Putt-Putt" mini golf trademark has sent a cease and desist letter to Mojang claiming that Minecraft infringes on said trademark.

The evidence provided by Putt-Putt president and CEO David Callahan in the letter is a printout of a Google search for “Putt Putt craft”, which has returned many videos of mini-golf levels labelled "putt-putt" created and uploaded by Minecraft fans.

“We feel that Mojang AB’s use of the Putt-Putt® name has benefitted Mojang AB to the detriment of Putt-Putt,” said Callahan, despite Mojang's complete non-involvement with the videos.

The letter demands that Mojang provide written assurance that “every person, agent, and trademark in connection with Mojang AB, will immediately refrain from all use of the Putt-Putt® trademark”.

It sets a deadline of 15 days for this action, after which time Putt-Putt will pursue legal action against Mojang and seek damages.

For some reason the letter has also been sent to former Xbox boss and now Zynga CEO Don Mattrick.

Mojang founder Markus Persson doesn’t seem particularly concerned: he has tweeted the letter, with the caption “Putt Putt being silly”.