Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will be out later this year, says Dennaton co-founder Denis Wedin.

Speaking with Joystiq at E3, Wedlin said the “late 2013” release will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam.

When questioned if like the original it would get a Vita release, Wedlin said, “We hope so”.

Wrong Number will feature multiple playable characters – one of which is female – and will be a
darker, more emotional journey, he said.

"We tried to give different storylines to the characters, tried to work with different emotions – not just being crazy or like a psychopath," said Wedin.

"We tried to give them other backstories."

"We're super proud of how [Hotline Miami] works and people seem to like it a lot, so we're only going to add more enemies and more weapons and more and more. So if you love the feeling and the pace of the difficulty in the first game, it's going to be in the second one."

Hotline Miami 2 is darker, more emotional, out this year