A former Activision senior public relations manager has pleaded guilty to charges of embezzlement after she spent money earmarked for Call of Duty promotions on personal items.

Gamesbeat is reporting that Kathryn Kirton, who was with Activision UK, used Black Ops marketing money to throw an engagement party at an exclusive central London venue, stay at a luxury hotel with her fiancé, and purchase designer clothes.

Her boss was reportedly a guest at the engagement party their company unknowingly pay for.

All told, Kirton spent £18,963 (NZ$34,474) of Activision’s money.

Kirton also commissioned her then-fiancé Frank PR consultant Jamie Kaye to help with the Black Ops launch.

He invoiced Activision for personal purchases totalling £5,000 (NZ$9,090) – charges which were then authorised by Kirton, who claimed they were for clothing for a magazine shoot.

Activision became suspicious, and investigators uncovered the fraud in February 2011.

The pair received suspended sentences: Kirton was sentenced to 18 months prison suspended for two years, and Kaye got nine months suspended for a year.

Kaye will also have to put in 80 hours of unpaid work.