Original story:

Rumour has it that the LA Noire developers who were working on Whore of the Orient over at KMM have been laid off.

MCV sources claim that although the team has been dismissed, the company is still operating for the time being.

Whore of the Orient was allegedly the first project undertaken by former Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara and his development team, after that studio was closed in late 2011.

The unannounced game was supposedly to be published by Warner Bros, and was to take place in Shanghai in 1936.

It was to also feature the MotionScan technology that distinguished 2011's LA Noire.

McNamara had suggested that the game would be “one of the great untold stories of the twentieth century”.


KMM's Doug Mitchell has told MCV that the game could still go ahead, provided the studio finds a backer.

"Whore of the Orient is a unique and extraordinary story and game, and we are still actively pursuing the right investor to partner with," he said.

However, he wouldn't comment on the fate of the Sydney-based KMM developers.