A new Blizzard-owned site that teases something StarCraft-related has popped up online.

Project Blackstone is password-protected, but once Y7_$0>0k_3<$m is entered the viewer is greeted by a message from StarCraft Terran scientist Helek Branamoor.

“It is my profound pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to Project Blackstone. Hold your heads high, people,” it begins.

“You are now members of a select team, a group that has been handpicked by top officials in Dominion intelligence and approved by Emperor Mengsk himself.

“You will be the front line in scientific research dedicated to the protection and expansion of our empire of man throughout the Koprulu sector.”

According to a Reddit user, there are 11 Twitter accounts also connected to the site, the tweets of which have been compiled for easy reading.

Online speculation has the site as an alternate reality game for Heart of the Swarm, related to MMO Titan, or a teaser for something called StarCraft Phoenix.

The full list of characters:

Adjutant 33-27
Dr. Warren Held – Xenobiologist, Senior Protoss Specialist
Red Quinton – Chief Engineer
Dr. Helek Branamoor – Chief of Research, Project Director
Dr. Daniel Rothfuss – Astrophysicist
Dr. Talen Ayers – Xenobiologist, Senior Zerg Specialist
Dr. Leah A. Martine – Xenobiologist
Dr. Talise Cogan – Xenobiologist
Major Lee Treicher – Head of Security
Dr. Pamela Foster – Chemical Engineer, Explosives Expert
Dr. Vera Langridge – Xenobotanist

Mysterious new StarCraft-related site appears