American McGee has clarified his stance on the way publishers market games, following a few “pissed” messages from Electronic Arts.

Earlier this week the Alice: Madness Returns designer expressed his disdain for the way that game was presented to the public, and claimed that EA “tricked” people into believing it was a horror title.

“’Tricked’ is the wrong word,” wrote McGee on his personal blog.

“I take that back. Apologies to EA and anyone else whose feelings were hurt.

“Electronic Arts doesn’t trick customers into buying things. They carefully apply proven marketing techniques to achieve the desired customer response.

“If they were bad at this sort of thing they’d have been crushed by their competitors long ago and you’d be playing Madden Football from Activision or Atari or something.”

McGee’s problem with the Alice trailers were that they played up the game’s bloodiness “even when the creators don’t think that’s the primary selling point”.

“Alice: Madness Returns does contain a lot of the stuff you see in those trailers, but my concern was that the main character was being portrayed in a way I felt didn’t align with her character as I understand it,” he wrote.

“Maybe I don’t agree with where gaming content seems to be going – but isn’t that the prerogative of aging creators? To complain that things are too loud, too bright or too fleshy?"

McGee added that he didn’t fault EA for how the game did sales-wise.

“At the end of the day, I’ve got (well, had) a good relationship with EA. They helped put my name on the map.

“They funded two of my favorite creations. And they helped me bring strikingly original content to a gaming world that often seems dominated by bullets and boobs.”