Path of Exile will enter open beta on January 23, Grinding Gear Games has announced.

Act Three of the Path of Exile story will also be unveiled, in which players will explore abandoned docks, markets, temples and sewers in the ruined city of Sarn to further uncover the dark truth of their exile.

The free-to-play ARPG features a massive skill tree, randomly generated levels, six character classes, a craft system, PvP tournaments, and “ethical microtransactions”.

"We're excited to have reached the point where we can finally throw open the doors and invite everyone in," said Grinding Gear producer Chris Wilson.

"We have one of the best and most supportive communities on the Internet, and their input has been invaluable in making Path of Exile what it is. We hope they'll be delighted with all the new content."

The game is currently in closed beta, and has raised over USD$1.8 million (AU$1.7 million) in crowd-funded support.