A spiritual successor to Planescape Torment is underway at inXile, its founder Brian Fargo has announced.

Planescape designer Monty Cook is on board, as are other key members of the team responsible for that game, Fargo told RPS.

The new game will take place in Cook’s “science fantasy” Numenera universe, a tabletop RPG in development since its successful Kickstarter last year.

Although Numenera wasn’t designed with Torment in mind, it quickly became clear to Cook and Fargo that it was a natural fit for a Torment game.

“Colin (McComb) described it best when he said ‘Torment’s themes are essentially metaphysical, getting to the heart of what it means to be alive and conscious, and it’s easier to ask those questions in a setting that is far removed from the familiar’,” said Fargo.

“Numenera is such a setting, and it has tremendous potential to cultivate those ideas.”

“It isn’t too surprising that Numenera’s aesthetics work well for Torment given that Monte was a key designer for the Planescape setting,” he added.

Numenera’s inhabitants would include “diabolical creatures from far dimensions with schemes beyond human imagination”, along with “creatures who have lived for millennia with the powers of creation and destruction at their fingertips, with abilities honed over countless lifetimes,” said Fargo.

“We won’t have other planes per se, but we’ll have pathways to hostile worlds and bizarre landscapes and ancient machines that catapult the players into places where the ordinary laws of nature no longer apply,” he said.

The game would likely feature real-time with pause combat, and will include “several components that will lend themselves to great (and innovative) cRPG gameplay”, said Fargo.

“We will focus on the same things that made people appreciate PST so much: overturning RPG tropes; a fantastic, unconventional setting; memorable companions; deep thematic exploration of the human condition; heavy reactivity (i.e., choice and consequences); an intensely personal (rather than epic) story.”

Funding for the game will be sought via Kickstarter.