Some details around Dragon Age III have been given by BioWare at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo.

It was revealed that players will definitely be human in Inquisition, although creative director Mike Laidlaw later tweeted that other races may be playable in subsequent entries in the Dragon Age franchise.

During the panel, Laidlaw stated that players would run their own castle, and that customisation would be bigger than it was in Dragon Age: Origins.

Speaking of bigger: according to cinematic designer Jon Perry, a single level in Dragon Age III would be as big as all of the levels in Dragon Age II combined.

Further, player choices from previous Dragon Age games would factor into Inquisition, and the fates of some Dragon Age 2 followers would be revealed.

It also seems extremely likely that Flemeth will return: “It feels wrong to not have a little Flemeth in your game,” said Laidlaw.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition will run on the Frostbite 2 engine, and is expected late next year.