Obsidian’s Project Eternity has topped Double Fine Adventure’s Kickstarter video game fund-raising record of US$3,336,371, finishing its campaign with a staggering US$3,986,423 (AU$3,863,353) from 73,967 backers.

A live stream on twitch.tv showed scenes of jubilation as Obsidian staff drank and sung along to “The Final Countdown” by Europe as the Kickstarter closed.

The Project Eternity Kickstarter launched on September 14 with a goal of US$1.1 million, which it met in just over 24 hours.

Stretch goals hit expanded the game’s races to six, classes to 11, and companions to eight, and added a “huge mega” dungeon of at least 12 levels, a player house, a stronghold, and two big cities.

The fundraiser narrowly missed a US$4 million “enhance the whole game” goal.

"We are incredibly thankful to our amazing community of backers, particularly the Obsidian Order (you guys rock!)," said CEO Feargus Urquhart earlier today.

"Without the community, Project Eternity would have not happened. Through their backing, they have shown that there is still desire for great RPGs and we appreciate everyone's trust in us."

"We are really thankful for Tim (Schafer) and the rest of the people at Double Fine for trying Kickstarter out," Urquhart added.

"If he hadn't there would have always been a big question about how far you could take it.

"He made this possible. I can't give him enough credit for taking that chance and going out there and doing this."

“The past month has been absolutely incredible. You have blown away our wildest expectations and we are so excited about starting the journey of creating this game for you,” Obsidian wrote on its Kickstarter page.

Project Eternity is participating in Brian Fargo's Kicking it Forward program, where 5% of its profit will be used as pledges for other Kickstarter projects.