Because they are constantly evolving, a single review of an MMO on launch day is insufficient, says Star Trek Online executive producer Dan Stahl.

“In my opinion, the whole game rating business doesn’t necessarily do a great justice to MMOs. MMOs are designed to grow over time and get better with every major release,” he said.

“It might be better if sites like Metacritic could find a way to rate MMOs by releases instead of just the initial day one. There are plenty of MMOs that have made huge strides since days one and some that have even gotten worse.”

“Until then, we will continue to offer the game for free and ask for people to try it out and decide for themselves.”

The next update for STO will feature upgrades to the game’s PvP, as well as a storyline involving the Romulans.

It would release before the end of year, said Stahl.