More money has been pledged to game projects so far this year than to any other category, Kickstarter has announced.

A total of US$50 million (AU$48.6 million) has been pledged to games so far – 23 per cent of all pledges – with film projects second at US$42m, and design third at US$40m.

The game category includes both video and board games.

“This has been the year of the game on Kickstarter,” declared the site.

Kickstarter games are now the site’s second-most-funded category, up from eighth last year.

In 2009, US$48,190 was gathered by gaming projects. Last year, that number was US$3,615,841. This year it has reached a staggering US$50,330,275, with over three months remaining.

Seven of the 11 projects that raised more than a million US this year were games, and the eighth was a comic about a game.

Kickstarter credited Double Fine Adventures’ record-breaking 24 hour sprint to a million dollars in February as the catalyst for the category’s growth.

“The gaming world hasn’t looked at Kickstarter the same way since,” it said.

“Double Fine signaled to game developers that they could use Kickstarter to do something that previously seemed impossible: make the game they wanted without outside interference.”

Following Double Fine’s success, more dollars were pledged to the games category each month than in the previous three years combined.

Despite the mountains of money, just 23 per cent of video game projects have been successful this year so far.

“While it's still too early to understand the full impact, it's clear that big changes are happening in the world of games,” the crowdfunding website said.