The Hawken armory will have a new mech added to it every month in much the same way that League of Legends regularly adds new champions, says Adhesive Games’ Khang Le.

In an interview with PCGamesN, the creative director outlined the influence of LoL, with which Hawken shares an investor in Mitch Lasky.

“It’ll be pretty similar, because our mechs are kind of like our champions anyway. There’s primary and secondary weapons, certain items are only available to that specific template,” he said.

Le did not mention whether players could pay to unlock mechs in the free-to-play game, but he did say that visual as well as gameplay-altering customisations would be available via microtransactions.

“We’ve thought of the obvious things: we might have bobble-head on the cockpits, even the UI could be very changeable. You could treat the UI as kind of like your browser, as people decorate their own browsers. Things like that.”

“Once you’re getting to the gameplay – the stuff that actually changes gameplay – we’re keeping everything balanced to each other, so the experience gets richer for those who pay, but everything you can pay for you can earn through playing, it’ll just take a little more time.”

Le also mentioned that a PvE mode was high on the game’s wishlist, but that currently only a survival training mode existed that he “wouldn’t call a horde mode”.

“We really want to expand once we have more time and budget and everything, to expand the PvE aspect of the game,” he said.

“I really love Lost Planet – you know, a bunch of players fighting together to destroy a giant beast. We’re really pushing for that because I think PvE is a lot of fun.”

Hawken is due for release on December 12.