Riot banned a player from participating in its recent European League of Legends tournament due to the bad behaviour he had previously exhibited while playing the game.

LoL’s peer-review system had flagged the player in question, so Riot went back through his record and found some marks against him for bad behaviour.

The decision was a tough one, said LoL senior producer Travis George, adding that it wasn’t easy to tell his team, especially seeing as cash prizes were on the line.

However, the player wasn't upholding the standards that Riot had set for League of Legends.

"There's a couple things we don't mess around with, and one of them is [the] integrity of the game," said George.

He felt that community hostility was the biggest challenge for new players to overcome when playing the popular MOBA.

"When you get into a game, it's not that you can't learn the rules or they're impossibly difficult. It's that sometimes, occasionally, you'll have somebody in the game who's not very interested in helping you, and is actually interested in making sure you don't have a good experience, or isn't very understanding that you're a new player," he said.

However, Riot was “actively trying to fix” the problem.

"We think it's a two-pronged approach. Remove the people who aren't interested in being a good community member, and also encourage people, or highlight people who already are."

The studio’s Player Behavior and Justice team was one way it hoped to combat bad behaviour.

"Their mission is to get the bad players out of the game and encourage everybody else to be a better sportsman in the community," said George.

Riot planned on talking more about its community issues in the coming months, and has recently hired a cognitive neuroscientist and a behavioural psychologist to help with the initiative, he said.