Planescape: Torment designer Chris Avellone has outlined what a spiritual successor to that RPG masterpiece might look like after mentioning that he is "very tempted" to Kickstart such a project.

According to Avellone, it'd be best not to use the Dungeons & Dragons mechanics or the Planescape licence, as doing so would mean having to answer to those licence holders, which he said made life difficult during the development of Torment.

However, game would utilise similar writing style elements from that game such as a lot of text, choices, and reactions, he said.

There would be “similar, but not exact” campaign mechanics: the game would feature a diverse, plane-jumping universe; tactical combat; a small group of extremely detailed companions; and a mechanic similar to Planescape’s "remembrance", said Avellone.

However, he was keener for “fewer, higher-quality creatures that allow for a spectrum of behaviours rather than a grab-bag of a thousand random monsters”.

Further, Avellone wasn’t interested in anything approaching a traditional fantasy look or layout, because he was “exhausted with that”.

The game would share Planescape’s isometric viewpoint and items with backstories though—the latter being one of his favourite parts of that game.

Finally, Avellone said he would have a good chunk of the story, dialogues, and narrative flow laid out before production began, something he referred to as “key”.

Unfortunately, “that process is something no publisher would agree to”.

“That's just a few thoughts,” he concluded.

“It's not all of them, but I wanted to share my mental process on this.”