Blizzard’s David Kim has stated that the StarCraft II design team are open to cutting units if balancing becomes problematic.

The game balance designer spoke to PCGamesN at gamescom 2012, where Kim outlined the difficulties inherent in adding new units.

“There’s a set number of units that should be in the game, but we just don’t know 100 percent what that is. Initially in Wings of Liberty we went with 13-14 units, which is similar to what Brood War had. When we started exploring a bit more we tried to stick to that rule, but when you’re taking units out and putting new stuff in, there are some problems. Wings of Liberty is pretty solid in terms of each unit being useful in a certain scenario – we tried saying, well what if 15 is the right number, or 16 is the right number?”

“After trying it out, we think it’s okay to add a couple of more units, but at the same time we don’t want it to go too out of balance, so that it becomes too complex. That’s something we have to watch for during the beta, and really make sure that the number we have right now is good for the game.”

“We are definitely open to cutting units, depending on how the beta goes.”

As for the beta duration, Kim stated that it will run for “ long as it takes us to get the game where we want it to be.”