One day the Olympics will feature eSports such as League of Legends, according to Riot Games co-founder Brandon Beck.

"We don't have our sights set on replacing soccer right now, but we definitely think that eSports has a place as a large, important, mainstream competitive activity," he said.

"I fundamentally believe that eSports will be an Olympic event in my lifetime."

Riot Games recently established a global LoL championship with large prizes up for grabs in an attempt to create an ecosystem for pro gamers.

However, help was required with infrastructure, he said.

"It's important for companies to not just say they're excited about eSports, but to actually make commitments: from a development standpoint and from a financial standpoint."

"These players have to make a massive commitment to become pro-athletes, so there has to be a viable career path for that to grow into anything."

League of Legends was recently named the most-played PC game in the world by market research firm DFC Intelligence.