Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer will feature skill-based match-making, Treyarch has announced.

The aim was to have players battling those of a similar skill level, said design director David Vonderhaar.

"When I play and win, I have a really good time. I also have fun when I almost win," he said.

"It's just not very fun when I get the shit kicked out of me. It also isn't that much fun if I constantly kick the shit out of you. Beating people senseless can get boring."

The new system will see players placed in one of seven brackets, with promotions and demotions dependent on performance.

This meant that players would compete against up to 1000 players of similar prowess rather than the entire pool of BLOPS2 players, said Vonderhaar.

"Black Ops 2 multiplayer experience is going to fit every type of player regardless of their play style or skill at all levels, while remaining faithful to the core of what people have come to expect from Call of Duty multiplayer," he added.