A Diablo III player is claiming to have made US$10,000 (NZ$12,198) by selling items in the game’s real money auction house.

The player has offered screengrabs of their bank account and auction house transaction list as proof.

Posting as WishboneTheDog in this Reddit AMA, the player discussed their philosophies regarding the auction house, and the state of the Diablo III economy in general, which they claimed was “slowing down”.

However, things would pick up once PvP was introduced, they said.

"The market will definitely speed up, and I suspect the top end items especially, when they release PVP. The questions that make it extremely variable on sustainability are: when will it happen, how balanced will it be, and will they be on top of every exploit that will be found...who doesn't like bashing other player's skulls and hurting their epeens?"