Rockstar has taken a novel approach to dealing with those who cheat in Max Payne 3 multiplayer matches.

As of today, anyone found cheating will be quarantined in the “cheater’s pool” – a separate multiplayer area whose only inhabitants are other cheaters.

“We're aware that a small minority of players are spoiling the Max Payne 3 multiplayer experience for honest players with cheats and hacks, and while certain issues will be dealt with in forthcoming title updates, today we'd like to make it clear that anyone using these nefarious methods will be dealt with,” said Rockstar via a press release.

Players that are invincible, possess infinite adrenaline, have boosted their XP, or partake in other “impossible in-game activity” may be detected by Rockstar’s servers or reported by other players.

It is unknown how long cheaters must spend in the pool, although Rockstar has promised to make this information available on its support site soon.

Any cheaters absolved but then found cheating a second time are permanently banned from the multiplayer and other online features altogether.

“We will be removing invalid leaderboard entries to ensure that the players at the top of the charts have earned their spots fairly,” said the developer.

“All of the reports to Banhammer are reviewed manually, and we only take disciplinary action when there is clear evidence and documentation of the offense.”

Rockstar is encouraging players to report cheaters by sending an email to [email protected], including details of their platform, gametag, and the violation, along with a screenshot or video if possible.